Top Nokia Mobile Phones
Top 10 Nokia Phones
We all have heard about Nokia 6 which is the comeback Nokia Android phone which has been quite a success for HMD Global, the company that holds the rights [...]
Just Dance Help In Fitness
How Just Dance Can Help in Fitness
I’m deviating from the topic of games today to explain how I went on to play “Just Dance” Losing weight while playing video games might sound too good to [...]
Marvel Vs Capcom 3
Why Everyone should Play Marvel Vs Capcom 3
As far back as its days in the arcades, Capcom’s amazing warrior has dependably been overwhelming on account of its snazzy soundtrack, [...]
Google Pixel
Why Google Pixel won’t be a huge hit in Smartphone Market
Google is diving in down the equipment way with its own cell phones called Google Pixel and Pixel XL. Google says the whole procedure for building these [...]
Facebook Marketing Tools and Tips
Facebook Marketing Tools and Tips
Is Facebook a part of your life and your job? If yes, then this blog is totally meant for you. Even I am doing social media marketing, so today I am here [...]
How Pinterest Can Help In Business
How Pinterest can help business
Pinterest? A Social Media which can pin your image more like a visual approach. Kind of like Fashion and foodies dream come true right? Well yes, it is. [...]
Facts About Google AdWords
Facts of Google AdWords
So Hello everyone, So many of you know what is Google AdWords right? If you don’t you can always check out here. But today I am just giving you some [...]
Youtube Go
All About Youtube Go
On Tuesday, Google launched it’s their new app for India known as Youtube Go. It is a version of YouTube stripped down to its bare essentials, with [...]
Google Allo
All About Google Allo
Google announced it is new messaging app known as Allo at its annual developer conference just a few months back. Let me tell you few facts about it before [...]
iPhone 7
My review on iPhone 7
The Apple iPhone 7 occasion has gone back and forth and now that I’ve had sufficient energy to go out for a stroll and consider what happened. The [...]