Top 10 Worst Villains
These are the villains which we found worst of the worse. So Check out our list. 10. Baron Zemo Name: Baron Zemo Occupation: Strategist First Appeared: [...]
Generation Terminology
Generation Terminology
Are you confused about generation terminology? Many of us talk a lot about Generation Y, but this doesn’t mean that I forgot other generation. So, let us [...]
What Not To Do On Valentine's Day
What Not To Do On Valentine’s Day
Much sooner than it was deified as a less than impressive lighthearted comedy, Valentine’s Day has been notorious for uneasiness. There’s in no [...]
Simple Ideas to Make Christmas Fun
Simple Ideas to Make Your Christmas Fun
The holidays can be stressful.Especially Christmas.Your to-do list has suddenly quadrupled. You may be spending more money than you intended. Perhaps you [...]
Social Media Acronyms-Part 2
Social Media Acronyms-Part 2
Technical Terms These may not come up often times in your general water-cooler talks, however, it’s valuable for anyone working in social to see [...]
Marvel Hand To Hand Combtants
Marvel’s Hand To Hand Combatants
Everyone has to fight someone either with weapons or mind. But old fashioned way always works well which is using fists. Hand to Hand fighting always makes [...]
Few Easy Hacks for Social BackGround Check before date
Few Easy Hacks for Social Background Check before going on date
With the holidays around the bend, the general sentiment not being seeing someone to assume control and imprudent choices are well on the way to be taken. [...]
Cute Dogs
Cute Dogs Exposed
Every cute dog breeds come in various sizes. They can be found anywhere from narrow village pathways to the busiest city streets of every city.I have [...]
Dating Game Of Thrones Fan
Few Reasons to Date Game Of Thrones Fan
Well, Not a great fan of the show personally speaking. But Now I am going to speak in their language. Winter is coming and perfect timing for dating fellow [...]
Diwali Gifts for 2016
Few Gift Ideas for Diwali 2016
Diwali is almost upon us. It’s the time for family and friends, heading back home and spreading the joy. And what spreads more joy than a well-thought out [...]