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Spider-Man and Daredevil Team Up MCU
Why Spider-Man and Daredevil Should Team up in MCU
So here I am. Telling you about one team up which I really really want in Live-Action. Comics, Games I have seen many times. But in Live Action I really [...]
Top DC Comics and Resident Evil Villains
Here is our few list of Villains from franchises of DC Comics and Resident Evil Game Series from Capcom Game Studio. 6.Krona Name: Krona Occupation: Power [...]
Top 10 Worst Villains
These are the villains which we found worst of the worse. So Check out our list. 10. Baron Zemo Name: Baron Zemo Occupation: Strategist First Appeared: [...]
Dante from Devil May Cry
How to Be Like Dante from Devil May Cry
As I have seen Dante from Marvel vs Capcom 3. I actually got fond of Dante the way he talks, the way he fights especially Dormammu the guy who cannot [...]
Marvel Hand To Hand Combtants
Marvel’s Hand To Hand Combatants
Everyone has to fight someone either with weapons or mind. But old fashioned way always works well which is using fists. Hand to Hand fighting always makes [...]
Captaun America Trilogy Is The Best
Captain America Trilogy
As all of you know, Jon Favreau coordinated Iron Man, and kickstarted the MCU, however, his Iron Man 2 with an alternately written work group, it [...]
Hawkeye Cover Image
Hawkeye is The Best WHY here it is
Why you people do not like Hawkeye but you like Green Arrow? THAT IS ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS AND PAINFUL. Ok, Looks like I have to explain from start. 1.Who [...]
Marvel Mobile Cover
Top Marvel Mobile Games you should be playing
If you were to type “MARVEL” into the App Store’s search box, the results may be surprising. The sheer amount of Marvel mobile content is staggering, [...]
Marvel Consoles You Should B Playing
Marvel’s Top Games which you should play
Long time back the endless tangle of stories and characters that make up the Marvel Universe were exclusively for the enjoyment of comic book readers. [...]
People at Marvel had created another event but short event known as Shadowland. Where DD(Daredevil) is the main star and features every street level [...]