Gargle A Song

Hello there, so finally September is here. Honestly, I did not know what would go in this month so I thought I will just give it a plain simple game for you. This relates to your health as well and also fun and hilarious at the same time. The only requirement you need a bottle of water, and a glass.

You must be thinking why I am telling you to bring water and why is it related to this game? Because the game is known as Gargle A Song.

About The Game
Gargle A Song is an icebreaker where you have to sing the song while gargling as long as you can. As simple as a piece of cake. The only other person has to do is guess the song.

How to Play
All the person has to do drink a water and gargle their tunes while others will guess the song.If they are right, they get a point.

Why You Should Play
I can give you many reasons why you should play. But I will give few simple reasons only.
A. It is free you do not have to spend money at all.(Unless you are bringing water from store but still it won’t be that much)
B.You can get to know people more often.
C. It will be messy but worth the memory
D.Night time is always the best time to play. This point is not that relevant but you can play anytime if night games are not meant for you.
E. Really easy to clean after games.

Best Part
The Best Part of this game will be spraying water while singing a song and some spitting it out. It can be little messy but it will be worth it. It can also be played as a get to know you basis.

It’s not necessary that only two people have to play the game. To increase the fun, you can even make your own teams and play with opposing team. I suggest creating a group of 5-10 People only. If you are part of the large group, then I suggest not more than 20.

Duration of the game
I suggest playing till 5-15 Minutes so that it won’t get bored. But if you have a good thing going make it as long as you want.

Here is a demonstration Video how to play

Well, now go have fun playing this game. Let me know how it works for you.




  1. Now to make it even more fun you could gargle with alcohol! This would be a great game to play with children, with water not alcohol, lol. It would be a great way from them to let down their barriers and have some fun with others. Nice idea.

  2. This would be a great icebreaker for team building activities. We just have to have a lot of tissues ready. I will try this at home with my kids. We have family game/movie nights every Saturday. This would be hilarious.

    Our Family World

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