Ice Cubes

Well, February is here and that means winter is about to go.So today’s game is much more smaller scale. Let us talk about Ice Cubes. Yeah, you heard it right. This game is all about Ice Cubes. Bet you didn’t know that Ice Cubes can be played for fun. And No I am not talking about Rapper at all. ”

What is Ice Cubes? 
Ice Cubes is a game which is meant for more than 6 players. Minimum should be 6.It is a team game rather than solo game.

What does this game require?
Nothing just few Ice Cubes from Refrigerator. Nothing Else.

How to Play This Game?
-First create two teams.
-Line Up and then get an Ice Cube.
-The First Person in first team line rubs the ice until the hands get too cold.
-Then Pass it to next person in the line.Then the next person has to rub until it gets too cold for the second person.
-Keep on doing, until it get melts.
-Second team also does the same.
-The Team who melted first is the winner.

How long can you play?
Play around 15-30 Mins but not more than an hour. You can play more than an hour, but that is up to you.

-If you are facing any kind of disease or illness, please have a rest or not to play.
-If you are ill, I suggest not too play as it will make your health even worse
-Get warm immediately, once you finish the game.

So, this is from my side today. Let me know how do you find this game by commenting on it. So “Chill Out” and have some fun with your friends.


  1. Sounds like a fun game. I think we’d try this over the summer though. It’s already very cold now and I don’t think anyone would want to play this with me until it gets a little warmer lol!


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