Never Have I Ever

Well the month November has came now. This is the first Saturday, so we don’t have anything related to it, so I thought I should give something random because next year I will give something which is fun and really suits the occasion of Christmas and enjoying New Year Eve. So without taking further, I will introduce the game which is known as Never Have I Ever.

Never Have I Ever is a really fun game to play and also get to know people as well.There are 2 variations for this game. One could be basic cleaner version of the game, for alcohol lovers, you can even make it into a drinking game as well. And for adult lovers, there is also the variation of it. Best name would be “Poor Life Decisions” .

How to Play
1.Have players sit in a circle with enough seating except for one player. If you have chairs, then it is great, then they have to stand up.

2.Then the first player will stand and begin with saying “Never Have I Ever and the following action which the player hasn’t done.

3.Now to time to get up and switch the seating or chair.Anyone who has done whatever the first player says they have not done must find a new seat, along with the person in the middle.

4.If there is only one person who has done what the person in the middle has never done, that individual must tell a detailed story about what happened.

5.One person will be left without a seat. This individual takes the place in the middle of the circle also tells something they have never done.

6.Play continues, with each person coming up with a new “Never have I ever . . .” phrase.

How Many People can Play
Well you can even play with 3 persons. But we suggest minimum 5 or if it is more then you are good to go. But not more than 12. But you know what, you can go more than 12. Never mind that statement.

1.No player is allowed to take the seats of the two people to their left and right.

2.If the person in the middle chooses a statement and nobody has ever done what is mentioned, the person in the middle is out. This is a notice for players to be careful and not mention silly or impossible questions.

3.Since certain questions can make others feel uncomfortable or embarrassed, agree to limit or omit any topics before beginning the game. For example, you may wish to omit sexual topics, legal problems, or anything that may cause an argument.Unless if you are playing that kind of variation.

4.Once limits are set, all players must keep within the agreed limits or they are eliminated from the game.

Few tips which can help the game more enjoyable.
You must be honest.

The more creative you are with your, “Never have I ever . . .” statements, the better.

Try to make your questions funny.

Keep the questions relatively simple.

Before we finish the content, let us give you one variation of this game.This is known as Ten Fingers.In this variation, players sitting in a circle hold up ten fingers. Anyone who has done the activity mentioned in the “Never have I ever . . .” statement, puts one finger down. As players put down all their fingers, they are eliminated from the game. The winner of the game is the last remaining player with a finger raised. For shorter games, reduce the number of fingers to five.

Here are few examples how the statements would look like
-Been to the circus
-Made all A’s in school
-Eaten a bug.

Hope you would enjoy this game. If you enjoyed, let me know in the comment section or if I forget anything, still let me know.


  1. I remember playing this game as a drinking game in high school. And it was certainly more…rambunctious lol! I didn’t realize they’d made an actual game out of it. Definitely checking this out.

  2. We’re big fans of games at our house and host large parties often. This one we’ll have to try out. There’s nothing like a great game to get people laughing and feeling at ease. Quick question, I’ve read online that maybe it isn’t the best to play if there are kids around, would you agree? Thanks for the recommendation! x

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