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Never Have I Ever
Never Have I Ever
Well the month November has came now. This is the first Saturday, so we don’t have anything related to it, so I thought I should give something [...]
Game Of The Month October 2017: Who Am I?
Who Am I?
Well, now we entered the month of October. The Month where we celebrate Diwali this year with family, relatives or friends who consider them as families. [...]
Gargle A Song
Gargle A Song
Hello there, so finally September is here. Honestly, I did not know what would go in this month so I thought I will just give it a plain simple game for [...]
Spider-Man and Daredevil Team Up MCU
Why Spider-Man and Daredevil Should Team up in MCU
So here I am. Telling you about one team up which I really really want in Live-Action. Comics, Games I have seen many times. But in Live Action I really [...]
Truth or Dare
Truth Or Dare
It is First Sunday and August. Purely a month of holidays at least for this year. And guess what today is friendship day. So first of all, Happy Friendship [...]
Reverse Charades
Reverse Charades
Well. we have all been playing Charades or in here we like to call it,dhamsharas. Where in one member has to make signs for guessing what it is and the [...]
Late Arrivals
Late Arrivals
So June has arrived. And that means Monsoon season is also on its way. And you know what it reminds me most of? Well, it reminds me of one thing that even [...]
What's In your Purse
What’s In Your Purse
So this is the month of Summer and not just only summer. It is a season of mangoes and not to mention marriage as well. So if you want to make your to-be [...]
Top DC Comics and Resident Evil Villains
Here is our few list of Villains from franchises of DC Comics and Resident Evil Game Series from Capcom Game Studio. 6.Krona Name: Krona Occupation: Power [...]
Top 10 Worst Villains
These are the villains which we found worst of the worse. So Check out our list. 10. Baron Zemo Name: Baron Zemo Occupation: Strategist First Appeared: [...]