Team Combos

Well, before I begin Happy New Year and 2018 is finally here. Many of you are excited, some just feel meh. I am actually mix of both. So today, I don’t have something big to give, so I am giving a game where you can play amongst yourselves.So here it goes. Some of you have played RPG (Role Playing Games) Game where you have to take 2 or 3 characters with you for play and then you have to finish the task or do a specific objectives. Well, many of us have done that, if not, that is OK. I have been playing Future Fight for almost 3 years and this is what inspired me to write this game.I am presenting you the game where you do have to play actual video game rather make up of real life team. So the Game is known as Team Combos. Before I break it down on how to play, let me tell you what it is about?

What is Team Combos?
In video game, there are specific people who make quite a team. Just like in real life, you have to create combos and give them a name either creatively or based on the event experience. It does not matter if the experience is good or bad.

How to Play
Create a group of minimum 2 and maximum infinite. Then create your own team combos based on your experiences or others experiences. Give them a creative team combo name.

There is no winning or losing in this game. You can create a win to base game or just for fun basis.It is upto you.

Note: Your 3 combo team can be a 2 man combo within them. Overlapping of team combos is fine as long as it relates to them.
Do not worry if you do not understand, here is the sample down below of the game played.

1.Imagine Thor, Lady Sif andΒ  Jane Foster try to play this game based on their adventures on comics or any big comic events, this is how it will look like.
Team Combos 1

2. Here is the second example of my favourite street-fighters or Defenders, might give you a clear what I want to say.
Team Combos

3. Now Let me give you more clear example for this game when I said overlapping team combos.Especially in Inhumans Case.

Team Combos 3

You never know how few persons has affected,enjoyed or deeply affected(in above case) to that particular event, some might even surprise you.Hope by now you got this, do not hesitate to ask me in the comments.This game is purely inspired by the above images.Enjoy the New Year.


  1. Happy New Year hope you are looking forward to a magical 2018! It is interesting to use a video game to create a team combo game that you can play in real life and how you can even set the rules yourself. That creates infinite possibilities on how to play the game !

  2. Ah my gaming years are gone, already graduated and just leave it in college πŸ™‚
    It was good years, and i learned a lot. But have no time for new games for today. My games are more tough now. LIFE.

    Blair villanueva
    1. Can be many. As seen in screenshots it can be 2 also, it can be 4 also. Just give a creative name based on the event which affected negative, positive or life changing. It can be current or it can be past.

  3. I’m not much of a gamer, but my younger brother is! I’m sure he plays this of has at the least heard of it and watched others play this… looks like great graphics! It’s amazing how far the gaming has gone, but my favorite is still the 1st Nintendo with S. Mario Bro’s ; )

  4. Happy New Year you too, Aditya. Hope you are enjoying your New Year!
    Well, I don’t know much of about video games as I am not a gamer myself, but my brother is! So, I am going to share this with him and I’m sure, he will definitely love this. Thanks for sharing!

    Twinkle Gaur
  5. I have a few friends who actually go do a role playing game every Friday night! I’ve never done it myself, but I’m honestly super intrigued lol. Thank you for explaining everything in a bit more detail!

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