Who Am I?

Well, now we entered the month of October. The Month where we celebrate Diwali this year with family, relatives or friends who consider them as families. But Diwali can be noisy, so how to celebrate Diwali with less noise and with more fun and memories. Answer is simple, you play a game with your people. But wondering which one? There are lots of it like really lots. So in this situation, I prefer you play Who Am I?

So let’s get started with main points of gameplay.

About the game
Just like any other game, it is a guessing game. But you can use any characteristics of famous figures whether it is historical,company figures,celebrities, fictional characters or in my case Comic Book Characters etc etc.

Number of People can play
Small Groups to Large Groups can play this game. There is advantage in each group but fun is guaranteed. But I prefer play with group of 3 excluding you.

What You Need
You need to think which kind of figure you are gonna do. Once you have decided that create name-tags with the names of famous figure you have decided. You can mix it up if you like.If you like, you could also stick labels on each person’s forehead instead of their back.

How to Play
-Place A Name-tag on other person’s forehead and the host or other player from team will give you hints.
-Each person must try to figure out which famous person that they are, only asking “Yes” or “No” questions to gain clues about the name that is on their back or forehead.
-Let me give you an example , ask questions like “Am I an athlete”? Am I Villain/superhero/hero? Am I a politician? Did I do this/that? etc etc.

Not necessary that you have to mix up the famous figure. You can also just go by one kind of famous figure. If you all are good at Historical Figure or if you are good at Marvel or DC Comic Characters, go for it(they have more than 8000 Characters). See what you all are good at and start playing.

Hope you have fun with this game in this month. If you do not want to do all of this name-tag work, I suggest you can buy it from Amazon or any other online store which have the game board of the game. But I prefer that, it is much more fun with creating name-tags and all.



  1. This is definitely a fun activity, which can accommodate small to large groups. We also have other version of that game here – a guessing game too but divided into categories. It can be person, place, things — and only answerable by the person on spot by yes or no.

  2. This would be a great ice breaker during team meetings. We also have high school reunion coming up soon and we can include this in the activities. Thanks for sharing. What a great time we’ll have with this.

    Our Family World
  3. My husband and I host a monthly dinner party and are always looking for fun things to do to shake things up. We both love the idea of this game. There are a lot of history buffs who come and I image it could get a little tough if they pick someone obscure. Thanks for such a wonderful idea! x

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